STEP 3: Apply for a GST Number

You will need to register your company for GST if you are conducting a taxable activity and your annual turnover is expected to exceed $60,000 (that’s most of us)

You are not obliged to register for GST if your taxable activity has an annual turnover of less than $60,000. Of course the IRD would prefer you didn’t, as you can claim back GST on company expenses including office supplies and equipment purchases, internet, electricity and phone bills and other expenses you require to run your home office.


To register for GST

  1. Visit to register online or download an IR360 form (there is also an IR365 guide to help you).
  2. Complete the form and fax or mail it back to the IRD.

When you register for GST you can select to pay monthly, two-monthly or six-monthly. Sead recommends you register for a six-monthly taxable period so you only have to do your GST returns twice per year.

When you receive your GST number from the IRD, file it somewhere safe and email yourself a copy so you have it handy at work.